Ah, Technology… Part 2

So, in Part 1 I told you about my dealings with a couple funky Nokia phones. And it got worse from there.

For his birthday, I got my partner a new video card and power supply for his desktop. After they arrived, I then shut down his computer and opened it up. I took out the old video and old power supply. As I tried to install the new power supply, I discovered that there was no way in hell this thing was going to fit into his computer case. It was just too cramped in there.

Fortunately, we discovered that the power supply he had was perfectly capable of powering the new video card, so I installed the old power supply and new video card. I then booted up the computer to find nothing worked.

Odd… It should have booted just fine.

I check all of the connections and find everything is connected just as it was supposed to be, and while all of the lights come on, nothing comes onto the screen. So, being careful not to electrocute myself, I start touching each of the connections inside the computer. The screen flashed as I touched the power connection to the video card, so I touched it again and got nothing. I held my finger on it and still got nothing on the screen. But when I put pressure on the connection and slightly moved the video card upward, the screen came on.

The port connector on his motherboard allowed the video to sag enough to lose contact, so it wouldn’t allow the video card to function properly.


So, I took the computer apart, put it back together the way it was originally and then handed it back to him, thinking I now had to return the video card and power supply and come up with a different gift.

Then I looked at my computer. It was a year newer than his, but I don’t play very intensive games so I ordered the cheapest, minimal card for what would otherwise have been a rather high end computer. So I loaded the video card into my computer and it booted right up. But the way my case was designed, I couldn’t load up both the new video card and the new power supply, and my current power supply was actually more powerful than the new one.

So this is where technology bit me in the ass with my computer.

I decided that since my computer would allow the new video card to work, I would simply take my 6 hard drives out of my computer, and replace them with his hard drive from his computer. I did so, booted the computer and everything worked just fine. So I hand him my computer with the new video card and all of his files in it and got to reassemble his computer with my hard drives.

That when I notice that the connector on one of my hard drives was broken. The plastic connector was just gone, leaving only the metal connectors hanging free in the air. Knowing that I had been getting an imminent failure warning on one of my drives, I figured this must be what was causing the warning and assembled the computer without that drive.

I turn on the computer and get a message that there is no boot drive.

Say what?

One of those 5 drives (and I thought I knew which it was) was my boot drive, but none of them seemed to allow the computer to boot. So, I took out all of the drives and tried each of them as a single drive.


The drive with the broken connector… That was my boot drive.

So, I went to the only computer repair shop in town, showed them the drive and explained that it was the boot drive. They tried to fix it, but nothing would work. It was just completely dead.

So now I had a dead desktop computer. Fortunately I had my laptop, but I lost everything that was on my desktop drive. All my pictures, all my videos, EVERYTHING! Gone!

All because, when I got that first imminent failure message for drive F, I decided to put everything onto drive C and never backed it up.

I am in idiot.

I then installed one of the hard drives and loaded up a fresh copy of Windows 10, so now I basically have a clean computer with none of the files i normally would have had.

But, my desktop computer would not be the end of my technology issues.

A couple weeks went by, and I noticed that the ear speaker volume on my Nokia 1020, the same phone that started this technology problem, was getting a little low. It was set at maximum volume, but I could barely hear anything. Then one day I could hear nothing. So I just used the speaker phone. That worked fine for about two weeks, then that speaker started to go bad as well.

But the good news was that Walmart had two Nokia 640s in stock. I bought one, because I knew it was only a matter of time before my trusty old 1020 was going to bite it.

And it did. Both speakers were completely shot. So, I put my sim card into the new phone, logged in with my credentials and everything was fine.

Until the storm 3 weeks later.

I was out with my sister and her boyfriend doing some yard sale shopping during one of the big local events. Hundreds of yard sales all within a half mile radius. So we park the truck and are walking around looking at all of the stuff for sale. There was rain in the forecast for a few hours later, and we got an occasional drop on us as we walked around. We each had an umbrella but we weren’t really using them because it wasn’t so much raining as it was an occasional spit. We were at the farthest of the sales from the truck. It was at that moment that the skies opened up and dumped what was later measured as 2 inches of rain in less than 15 minutes.

It was coming down so hard and so fast that the small umbrellas couldn’t protect us. Everyone attending the sales was soaked from head to toe.

As were driving home, my phone vibrated. I pulled it out my pocket and realized that it was wet. Not water logged, but definitely wet. I left it out to dry as we drove and out as we ate breakfast, and never let it go back into my pocket. It seemed to work just fine, so I wasn’t worried about. It was dried out, it was doing everything I needed it to do.

Then 2 weeks later, suddenly it didn’t work. It wouldn’t turn on, it would charge, it wouldn’t do anything. It was just dead.

So I needed to get a new phone, again. Walmart had no Windows phones of any kind, and said they weren’t going to be getting anymore. AT&T didn’t have any in stock except for the 950, which I would have gotten if the reviews on it hadn’t been so damned horrible.

Windows 10 might be amazing on a computer, but on a phone it is nothing but complete suck!

I now had decide whether to get an Android Phone or an iPhone. I have an iPhone 6S Plus.

It’s nowhere near as easy to use as my 1020 or 640 were, but nowhere near as hard as the Android for phone calls. I don’t hate the iPhone as much i thought I would. Call quality still sucks ass, but nowhere near as bad as it used to be (3GS). The screen is amazing, and the fingerprint reader is a good idea (but a poor execution, as I seem to have to touch it 3 times before it will read my fingerprint).

But honestly, I really miss my 1020, that start of all this technological hassle I have been experiencing the last few months.