The Last Semester Starts!

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Jan 242014

So, on Monday, Fredonia begins it’s Spring semester. I don’t start until Tuesday, because that is just how I set up my schedule.

But the great thing is that it is my LAST SEMESTER! After 5.5 years of college, I am more than ready to get back into the real working world.

And as if I wasn’t already excited because it’s my last semester, turns out only 2 of my classes require books for me to purchase, so I am not going to be spending a huge fortune at the bookstore (like last semesters $1500).

And since I only go to classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I get 4-day weekends every week, though during tax season I will be there on Saturdays doing taxes for low-income and elderly households.

But overall, I cannot wait until May, when I can finally leave class for the last time and start into whatever job I manage to get.

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Rebuilding Will Take Some Time

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Jan 152014

So, I just realized that even though I wasn’t updating this website all that often, I still had a lot of stuff attached to it!

I didn’t lose just the posts, I lost all of the pictures, the pages upon pages of writing I had, as well as all of the sub-domains, which included (and some of you will know what I am talking about) THE ZOMBIE MOVIE SITE!

Also, those of you who had subscriptions to my site will find that you no longer have a subscription. At this point, I am not positive I want to recreate a subscription system, since this set-up I have installed automatically posts everything I put on the website to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. This means that those people I would normally want to subscribe to the website are already connected to me via those other systems.

Anyway, I am hoping to start getting all of my materials back online as soon as I can, especially the writing portion of the site. I just have to find the original documents and copy/paste them into new pages. I also need to rebuild the photo galleries, which will give me the chance to make some changes, and also put better pictures into the system.

Keep your eyes open, cause as I post this stuff, the site should blast out to the social networks. You should be able to see when I update.

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Hello Again, World!

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Jan 152014

Well, here it is, an all new website with an all old look!

Had a bit of a problem with the web site today, and when trying to fix it I made a mistake. I basically corrupted the database that runs in the background, rendering the original website system totally useless!

So, I created a new database, removed all of the program files from my web server, and started over from scratch!

What the hell, it’s a new year, might as well have a fresh new website system to go with it! Thank God WordPress is so damned easy to use that once I got to the idea of starting fresh it was pretty simple to get up and running all over again.

Now, let’s see if I can manage to post more than just once ever 3 or 4 months now!

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