Ah, technology…. Part 1

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May 012016

Technology and I have been having a bit of a battle in recent weeks.
It started about 8 weeks ago when my phone (a Nokia Lumia 1020 running Windows 8.1) decided to get screwy. The screen started flashing like a strobe light, and the phone played through my entire collection of ringtones before turning off. Turning it back on, I discovered that the battery life, which had been fully charged, was now at a measly 5%.
I shut it down, booted it back up, and discovered the battery life was now at 2%. So I turned off the screen, plugged it into my work computer and just left it, praying that no one would call me and possibly get a dropped connection. By the end of the day, it had charged back up to just under 80%. Continue reading »

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