It’s Autumn Again

So, it’s that bad time of the year again, where the flowers and grass all die, and the trees lose all of their leaves. It’s the dying season, where the whole world seems to be coming to an end.

It’s the rainy prelude to the frigid cold that awaits us in the coming months, and the start to that ultimate season of consumerism known as the Holidays.

It’s the season I hate most, for the smell of dead leaves is sickening and when they are made wet by the rain and sitting on brick roads, they become even slicker than the ice that awaits us.

It’s the season of turkey and all the trimmings. And I don’t like turkey. It’s disgusting!

It’s also the season of the only anniversary that mattered to me, that I can no longer celebrate now that he has died.

Autumn will forever suck to me.