I need to find it all again, but I originally had many poems, short stories, and essays on the website. Then the site went to hell, and I lost everything.

So, once I have managed to find all of my writing again, I plan to add it to this page as a series of links to the pages with the actual pieces. So check back soon to see what I have added!

UPDATE! – October 01, 2017

I found most of the writing that was posted on this website previously, but not in electronic form. Instead, it was in the printed binder I had to create for the creative writing class I took in college.

However, as I was reading it over, I decided that I didn’t want to put most of those pieces back onto the website, with the exception of one poem. I will post that poem soon.

What I have decided to do is start writing new stories, new pieces that I can post, new adventures to dream up and share.

So stay tuned.